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About Us
Robert W., United States 

"Alejandro has worked on my taxes for about 7 years, 5 as an expat in Chile.  He has always treated me very fair.   I would trust and recommend Alejandro for any type of tax/accounting job.”   


“Last year, I found out I had to file several years’ worth of back taxes and FBARS.  I was nervous that I would have problems, but with Alejandro’s advice and assistance, it was easy to get compliant.  It was such a relief, he guided me smoothly through the process and I am now a happy returning customer.  The cost is well worth it for my piece of mind.”  

Christopher S., Australia

“Alejandro is the ideal service provider, offering an efficient, informative and easy-to-use service.  He is a very professional service provider.  I have worked with Alejandro closely over the years and he has put my fears to rest when dealing with my tax issues.”  

Young & Associates, LLC is an income tax and accounting services firm that specializes in all areas of US tax preparation, compliance, and problem resolution for US citizens and Green Card Holders no matter where they live, work, or play.  Expatriate taxation is more than a black and white exercise in filling out forms; it is a highly specialized skillset full of nuance and strategy to make the tax codes in each country work together so you pay the least overall amount of tax you are legally obligated to pay.





Our team is comprised of passionate tax professionals who utilize every strategy and provision allowed to provide

the best overall bottom line for your international tax situation.  We know what our clients value most is having

best-in-class accountants in charge of their US expat taxes. We rise above the competition in that regard,

hands down.




Our team is an elite group of highly-trained, motivated individuals with a love for the challenge of taxation at this level.  As we work with clients all over the globe, we bring more than 15 years of experience no matter where you are.  With clients in every region of the world we take great pride and satisfaction from our work when we help clients navigate the often overwhelming road to getting into and remaining in tax compliance not only in the US but abroad.





Your personal data will be protected.  You will be provided with a private data portal that will provide secure and encrypted document transfers between yourself and our firm.  The portal remains open and available to you after we complete your tax return to archive your tax documents and tax returns.  No need to ask us for extra copies of your tax papers- just log in and print.





We make it easy for you to choose to work with us as we do not expect you to take on all the risk and confusion of a convoluted pricing structure.  We take pride in being able to offer an extensive choice of tax services, as well as flat fee pricing.  There is no obligation for a price estimate.  What you see is what you get: flat fees!  






Debbie T., United Kingdom
Our Team
Our Experience
Our Data Security
Our Fees

As an American working here in Frankfurt, Germany I found myself in need of tax consultation when it came to filing my international tax returns.  Alejandro was recommended to me and I, after our first call, I immediately felt like I was in professional hands.  He consulted me through the entire process, one which I don't think I could have handled by myself.  His diligent communication, expertise in the area, and sincere interest in my situation made the process much less of a headache that I envisioned it was going to be.  As long as I am an expatriate Alejandro will receive return business.

Peter G., Germany
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